Who we are?

Talents sports academy, located in Singsandra near Manipal county is a unique, sports friendly enterprise run by a team of professionals. Be a sports enthusiast, a player or an expert, At talent sports academy, you will find a pallette of choices to horne your skills with the help of precise practice and experienced mentoring.

Talents sports academy, specialized in all games, helps in inducing, improvising and intelligently driving the passion towards game. With the involvement shown by students, participants and players, Talents sports academy transforms people to excel in their fields. Be it motivating a toddler towards sports or helping an elderly to get involved in sports, We at talent sports take the utmost care to bring out the best in people. We provide the best in class infrastructure, highly standardized guidelines and flexible timing for the courses we offer. We know this is passion for you and so we ensure your personal interests are respected by the sporting community across the city.

Success stories of Talent Sports academy spans across people from varying backgrounds and philosophies unified by passion towards sports. Here at the academy, we offer kids to experiment their skills towards the game of tennis and cricket, Health conscious adults get involved themselves in maintaining their health, Elderly people to enjoy the leisure time with a game in enchanting climate of Namma Bengaluru. Talent Sports Academy had proven itself time and again in creating champions out of experts who choose this sport as career.

We value the learning ability of our students and we let them experiment their capability by competing in cross-city sports meets. We also conduct inhouse test camps to enable the sporting adrenaline of our students. We think this holistic approach towards this game could possibly have a positive impact on their lives too.

We are on last line. This shows your spirit of seeking more than whats been offered. Few people are gifted to go in-depth and understand things in Detail. Our academy needs artisans like you. Welcome!


Me and my son play tennis everyday. we are happy with coaches and academy. I am sure this academy will produce great international players

Radha Krishnan K,
Property Care, www.propertycare.co.in


I have spent more than 1.5 years here and every day is a new learning. I am happy to be part of Talent Sports Academy and look forward to continue association.
Prashanth Michael,
Director, 247 Inc


I am just delighted that Praveen and Talent have made it possible for me to embrace new technology and techniques, to enjoy time on the tennis court again. Wish Praveen and his ventures, the very best !
Dr J Chatterji, Ex-General Manager, Air India


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